Topic outline

  • Place Value Relationships




    I can read and write a multi-digit number (to the millions place) in word form, base-ten numerals (standard form) and expanded form.

    Numbers are grouped in periods or families.  The number families are ones, thousands, millions, etc.  There are three places in each number family: ones, tens, and hundreds.

    Numbers can be expressed in different ways:

    •        The standard form of a number is written in numbers.  For example: 1,234,567.
    •        The word name of a number is written in words. For example: one million two hundred thirty four thousand five hundred sixty seven.
    •        Expanded form is the number written as the amount of each place value added together.  For example: 1,000,000 + 200,000 + 30,000 + 4,000 + 500 + 60 + 7.

    Any number in our base-ten numeration system can be written by using one or more of the digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9.  All digits take on different values depending on their position or places in the number.      

    Look at the following number and answer the following questions:   


    Watch the Video about Place Value and try to sing along.



    Place value and the digit determine the size (value) of the number.  For example:  a 7 in the tens place is smaller than a 1 in the hundreds place because 7 tens = 70 and 1 hundred = 100.

    Watch video for a better understanding.

    Place value: Placing numbers in the place value chart


    Take a quiz to determine your knowledge about place value:

    If your score was 7 or below then go to practice.

    Practice:  Practice Place Value

    If your score 8 or above then go to extension.

    Extension:  Extend My Knowledge on Place Value

    Activity:  Create a Numeration Street

    Materials Needed:

    •        Glue
    •        Large piece of construction paper
    •        4 pieces of construction paper cut 3 inches by 5 inches
    •        Create 4 triangles (base should be 3 inches)
    •        Scissors
    •        Marker

    Insert Video of Ms. Mitchell creating Numeration Street and using the manipulative to give a better understanding of place value.

    Place Value Work Sheet 4-1


    Create a lesson to show the value of each digit in the number 652,198.  You may upload a picture of a place value chart or create one on your own.  You may use any other number. Email the Show Me video to your teacher when completed.



    Place Value

    Expanded form






  • Topic 2



    Remember!!!  The hungry alligator always eats the largest number.

                    543,000             2,956,893    

    ( Get an alligator that moves his mouth open and closed) 


    I Can Statements:

    I can determine what numbers are the largest and smallest.

    I can order numbers from least to greatest.
    I can order numbers from greatest to least.

    Use can use a number line to compare numbers.

    4,567    4,843        or          4,567  < 4,843

                                                              (less than)




    Use your graph paper to compare numbers

    Compare 41,572 and 43,245
















    Both have a 3(red) in the millions place. Go to the next place the digits are different.

    Compare those two 6 < 9.

    Therefore,  3,689,523 > 3,487,624

                                  (Greater than)