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    Here at JTA we are trying to ensure our school becomes a bully-free zone. We wish to be a telling school with a specific plan in place to eliminate bullying. If you are being bullied there are many tools we have to help you stand up to make a difference.


    1) If you have questions, please look at our links below to our policy, our FAQ tips, and procedural guidelines/documents.

    2) If you wish to report bullying being done to you or someone else in person, you can tell a custodian, any staff member, a teacher, a counselor, and/or an administrator.

    3) If you wish to report bullying being done to you or someone else privately, go to the right side of this page under the block titled "Report Bullying".  Click on the link to fill out a questionaire without leaving your name, if you wish.

    4) If you wish to text in a concern anonymously, the number is 37607. Be sure to start your text with the number 254594. For example: 254594 I saw Stacy...

    5) If you are being cyberbullied, log on to In the capture bar, paste the exact web address where you are being attacked and click capture. Be sure to save, print, and email a teacher/counselor/administrator what you captured. Even if the bully removes the negative attack, you will have evidence it was there.


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    Meet Ms. Pinson:

    I am an avid reader whose love for traveling is only surpassed by the love  for my career. I have been a counselor at JTA for 24 years, and I have loved every minute of it. There has been relationships and connections built that will be treasured forever.

    Ray Pinson my husband served in the military 24 years. I enjoyed the military life and actually was afforded the opportunity to teach 5 years in DODDS Germany before my 3 years at James T. Alton because I had a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education for grades 1 - 8 from the University of Louisville. I continued my education at Western Kentucky University where I graduated with my Masters and Rank 1 in Counseling. Within my 24 years, I was honored to be named Kentucky Middle School Counselor of the Year.


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      Meet Mr. Roberts:

      I am a die-hard Cards and Pittsburgh Steelers fan that loves to read, play video games, watch movies, write poetry, and play/watch any sport whenever possible. I taught 7th grade ELA for six years at JTA before becoming a counselor last year. The impact I have made on my former students and the impact they have made on me is something I treasure above all else in my life.

      I received my bachelor's degree in Middle Grades Education for the subjects of ELA and social studies from Western Kentucky University (WKU). I completed my student teaching here at JTA in '05. I then started my official teaching career here the following year. I ended my tenure as a teacher by being named the 2012 Excel Award Winner. With my Masters degree in Counseling from WKU (graduate of 2010), I look forward to setting higher goals for myself and the students I serve here at JTA.