Topic outline

  • Introduction

         My name is Donna Bailey Thomas. I am a graduate of the University of Louisville, and this is my second year teaching English at North Hardin High School. 

         I live on a small farm in Meade County with my family, three cats, a horse, and a dog.  I am married to a wonderful man named Alan, and I have a 17 year old daughter, Bailey, who is a senior at Meade County High School. 

    • Writing Assignments

      4-8 Writing assignments will be due each grading period.  Writing assignments are worth 30% of your grade.

    • Welcome To Our Second Semester

      In the months of January and February we will be reading Romeo and Juliet.  As we reading the drama we will be using SWBS charts to analyze character development.  As we complete these charts in class, I will attach them here for you to use as study guides, Act summaries, and notes.