Weekly outline

  • Meet the Teacher

    My name is Candace Perry, and I'm an exceptional education teacher.  I teach 8th grade resource reading and language arts, and I co-teach 8th grade reading and language arts.  This is my third year teaching, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach at West Hardin Middle School.  I earned a Master's of Arts in Teaching- Exceptional Education, Learning and Behavior Disorders from Western Kentucky University.  I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Louisville.

    I have two amazing sons.  Landon is a 3rd grader, and Nathan is an 8th grader. I'm a music lover, and I am a fan of UofL athletics.  I absolutely love working with children, and I believe that every child can learn and succeed. 

    I'm looking forward to a great year with my students, and I know we're all going to learn so much.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, issues, or concerns.

    Ms. Perry




    All classes will be in the computer lab every Wednesday.  While in the lab, students will work on Compass Learning. 

    Monday is "Library Day" for all Reading classes.  During this time, students are expected to check-in/ check-out books, take AR tests and read silently.

    • Aug. 7-9

      Welcome back to school, and welcome back to West Hardin!

      This week has been full of introductions to 8th grade, to include student interest inventories, life maps and "about me" drawings.  We have also discussed school and classroom rules, as well as classroom expectations.

    • Aug. 12-16


      Students completed a content sorts activity.  A pre-assessment over the parts of speech was given, and it was determined that a review was necessary.  It is important that students understand the parts of speech and how grammar and writing is affected.  Students began reviewing nouns.


      Students briefly reviewed and discussed why reading is important.  Students in 7th period Reading took the STAR Reading test to determine independent reading levels. Students in 3rd period Reading will take the STAR test next week.  A content sorts activity was completed, and classes began discussing the parts of a story.

      • Aug. 19-23


        Students completed a noun sort activity and began reviewing verbs.


        Students began learning about the different parts of a story and completed an interactive activity.