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  • Welcome to our "Learning-pad'

    Welcome to our classroom, where learning is seen as an ongoing experience...for all.

    Frogs are a favorite theme, what with Miss "Lilley" and Mrs. Roberson's love of frogs, so, anything 'froggy' is welcome here. 

     So, hop on in, and let's get started....


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  • Homework Expectations

    Homework is assigned NIGHTLY, but not all is DUE daily.

    Reading: Read nightly for a minimum of 20 minutes in a book that is in your "just right" reading level using the Lexile leveling system.  Reflect in writing over what was read, connections, questions, etc.  Reading Response Logs are due FRIDAY morning. A minimum of  ONE Accelerated Reader test should be passed weekly @ 80% or above.  Lexile levels may be checked at the following link:


    Spelling:  Complete one assignment per night of school.  If your are absent or school is called off  for snow days, work is still expected to be completed and turned in on Friday.  Use your spelling menu or ideas of your own for what to complete.  Do something DIFFERENT each night using each word on your spelling list.  Only ONE parent note assignment is accepted each week.  Thursday night's assignment is to be a pre-test that has been signed by a parent/care provider.  Turn in ALL work on FRIDAY morning. One extra credit assignment will be accepted each week. 


    Math/Grammar/Social Studies/Science: These assignments are to be turned in the day after they are assigned.



    • Weekly Spelling Lists

      We see spelling as a required step to proficient writing.   Once a word has been presented on a spelling list, it is our expectation for that word to be edited and spelled correctly on all future assignments. Keeping individual glossaries of words presented to date is a highly encouraged practice.



      • Math

        Everday Math