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  • Howevalley Elementary

                                8450 Hardinsburg Rd, Cecilia, KY  42724
                                                    (270) 862-3287
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  • Mrs. Beth Handel, principal

    Mrs. Handel  Welcome from the Principal Beth Handel

    Welcome to Howevalley Elementary School, located in rural Hardin County, serving a community that is quite proud of its school's heritage. Howevalley graduated its first high schoolers in 1918. The last high school class graduated in 1962. After that the school served first through eighth grades. In 1988 Howevalley became a kindergarten through fifth grade school, added preschool in 1990 and continues to serve those grades today.

    Howevalley provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere for its 258 students, 10 bus drivers, 4 food service personnel,  2 custodians and 45 staff members. This environment provides successful learning opportunities for our students. The Howevalley Comprehensive School Improvement Plan provides a roadmap of goals and strategies for increasing student achievement.

    We look forward to working with you - students, teachers, parents and community. Together, we make Howevalley School the best in Hardin County.

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    • Library Media Center

      Library Media Specialist:  Donna Ghaderi email  at:  

      Library Clerk:  Brenda Overstreet 

      Use of Media Center

      Students may come to the library from a classroom at anytime during the school day.  Books are checked out for two weeks at a time.  Magazines and reference books are checked out on an overnight basis.  Students use the library for research, checkout, or browsing.



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        Release Date: February 8, 2013

        Contact: Hardin County Adult Education

        Phone: (270)769-8866



        Hardin County Adult Education encourages adults

        to finish and pass before test deadline



        (Frankfort, Ky.)— Kentucky Adult Education has announced that the current version of the GED test will expire at the end of 2013. The current version, known as the 2002 Series GED test, will be replaced with the new 2014 GED test on January 2, 2014.


        The important point that Kentuckians need to know is this – people who have taken the 2002 Series GED test, but have not passed all five parts, have only until December 18, 2013, to take the current test.  If they do not pass all five parts by December 18, 2013, they will need to start over again in 2014 with the new GED test.  More than 100 residents of Hardin County have passed parts, but not all, of the current GED test version.


        “The GED test opens doors to the future by helping adults prepare for college and job training and get better jobs,” said Dr. Renae Harrison, Program Director, Hardin County Adult Education. “We want to be sure everyone is aware of this deadline. We strongly encourage GED test-takers to act now to finish and pass before the current test expires.


        “Even if you haven’t already started testing, but getting your GED is something you need to do, this is your year,” she said.  “Get started now.”


        Hardin County Adult Education offers free classes to help adults earn their GED.  The Hardin County Adult Education Center is located at 114 South Mulberry Street, Elizabethtown, Ky.  The program can be reached by calling 270-769-8866.  GED testing information is also available at

        A couple of important tips you should know about GED testing in Kentucky before the end of 2013:

        • The last day to take the current version of the GED test is December 18, 2013.
        • All GED test-takers must first pass the Official GED Practice Test™, which is available at all local adult education programs.



        Hardin County Adult Education

        114 South Mulberry Street

        Elizabethtown, Ky


        • SBDM Council

          SBDM Council Members

           The purpose of the Howevalley Site Based Decision Making Council is to provide leadership and adopt policies that will enhance student achievement and provide the best possible learning environment for every student.  Teacher and parent members re elected to serve for one-year term.  Members for the 2011-2012 school year are:

           Stacey Hughes  Parent Representive

          Sharon Kennedy  Parent Representive

          Kathy Cofer  Teacher Representive

          Donna Ghaderi Teacher Representive

          Therea Collins  Teacher Representive

          Beth Handel  Chairperson


          • FRED OF THE MONTH

            September Fred at Howevalley Elementary

            Hubert Goodman at Howevalley Elementary has been nominated for a Fred for the month of September. 

            Mr. Goodman bus driver for bus #57 has been a wonderful addition to our drivers here at Howevalley Elementary.

            He shows tremendous compassion for students and goes above and beyond to ensure safety for students. 

            He has great communication with parents, Howevalley staff and students.  He has a genuine interest in helping parents and students have a successful school year.

            Mr. Goodman...thank you for all you do

            each day for Howevalley students!


            • Howevalley Happenings



              Mrs. Handel is Grand Marshall of Howevalley Days Parade!

              Mrs. Handel is Grand Marshall of Howevalley Days Parade!