Topic outline

  • Upcoming dates!

    Progress Report 1 - January 31
    PLD day (no school) - February 3
    Makeup day - February 14
    Progress Report 2 - February 28
    End of Q3 - March 17th
    Report Card 3 - March 21

    • PRO Inititative

      The PRO Initiative for Grade 7


      In order to earn more Spartan dollars, to reward students who really deserve to be rewarded, and to effectively use the student agenda book, the seventh grade team has proposed that we check agenda books daily. Students will earn a stamp or a signature from their teacher if they are proficient DAILY in the following areas:



      The PRO Initiative

      1. Prepared - on time, with supplies, with homework

      2. Respectful- on level when asked, not arguing, not asking to break rules

      3. On Task - working after walking in the room, working when asked to do work.

      • WELCOME New teachers!

        We would like to welcome our new teachers to North Middle School! Colleen Gregg and Kayla Edlin. Welcome!