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    Welcome to 4th Grade!!!

    Hello!  My name is Amanda Strange and I am thrilled to introduce myself as your child’s teacher this year!


    A little about me:  I have taught children since 1998, beginning with pre-school students, Kindergarten for 11 years and this is my second year in 4th grade.  My childhood was spent in LaRue County, where I graduated high school.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Education from Midway College.  This is my third year at Heartland Elementary, A.K.A. Home Away from Home. 

    I live with my husband of 22 years and my daughter on a small farm here in Hardin County.  Together we raise a few cattle and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities.


    On this page:  You will find information about what we do in 4th grade and how we do it. 


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      Our Daily Schedule

      7:45-8:00               Enrichment

      8:00-9:00               Math

      9:00-9:45               Whole Group Reading

      9:45-10:45             Reading Flex Groups

      10:45-11:30           Science

      11:30-11:55           Wellness

      12:00-12:25           Lunch

      12:30-1:15             Related Arts (Specials)

      1:15-2:00               Writing

      2:00-2:20               MIRP (Monitored Independent Reading Period)


      Heartland Elementary

      Grading Scale

                A                     92-100           Excellent

      B                      83-91             Good

            C                     74-82             Average

                           D                     68-73             Below Average

          F                      0-67                Failing



      Bulldog Expectations

      1.  Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

      2.  Respect yourself, others, and all property.

      3.  Listen and follow directions the first time they are given by any adult.

      4.  Be in attendance and display good behavior.

      5.  Be prepared for class and complete all assignments by doing your best.