Topic outline

  • Course Overview

    On this page you will find information that will assist you throughout the  school year in your World History class.  Mr. Stewart and Ms. Yourous will be adding material to each unit to allow students the opportunity to always have the materials they need at home. 

    This class will cover the History of the World, beginning with Pre-History and progressing through the Middle Ages.  The units are Beginnings to Human Societies, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, and Medieval Times.

  • India

    In this unit, students will examine the early river valley civilization that existed in India.  Throughout the unit, students will discover the geography of Indian subcontinent, excavate the ruins of the city of Mohenjodaro, examine the social strucutre, and learn of the diverse culture, such as the beginnings of the world religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. 

  • China

    In the China unit, students will discover the ancient world of the Chinese.  Some focuses of this unit will be the diverse topography of the country, the various Chinese dynasties, the contributions of the ancient Chinese, and the trade route known as the Silk Road.