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  • Welcome to Preschool


    Please remember that preschool students must be delivered hand to hand by someone listed as an authorized contact person on their Transportation Authorization Form. This is for your child's safety.

    Contact Information


    School Phone Number:  (270) 769-8930

  • Getting to Know Us



    Mrs. Monica  

    Hello Preschool Families!  My name is Monica Bybee and I am your child's teacher.  I love working with all children, but especially children ages birth through five.  I have a Bachelors degree in Speech and Communication Disorders and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I have worked with First Steps (in Bowling Green, KY), Hardin County Schools, and for several years I was a stay at home mom to my two wonderful boys, now ages 12 & 15.  I have been married for 19 years and my husband and I actually met on a blind date!  I am currently in my 5th year of teaching preschool children with the Hardin County School system and I love it:)  I want to help your child succeed in all areas, not only academic.  I know that preschool is the very first "school experience" your child has and I want it to be as positive as it can be.  I want your child to love to learn new things and grow from positive enriching experiences.  I will do what I can to make that happen.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about anything, or would like to volunteer and help with things in the classroom, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with your child!!


    Mrs. Karen

    Hello!  My name is Ms. Karen.  The best parts of my job are hugs and seeing the light bulb come on in your child’s mind.  I have been employed by HCS for 17 years.  I have been married to my wonderful husband, Joe, for 29 years.  We have a daughter, Amber, who just got married and teaches second grade here at Heartland.  We have two furry friends, Baby and Bandit, our house cats.  I love U of L basketball and chocolate.  I look forward to being able to touch your child’s life and having them touch mine.

    Mrs. Trina

    • Classroom Information

      Absences: Whenever your child is going to be absent for any reason, please call the office, email or send in a note. When a child is frequently absent or regularly being picked up early and/or coming in late, it disrupts the flow of their preschool experience. They quickly becoming overwhelmed, confused and feel disconnected from the group when they return to school.

      Birthdays: Your child’s special day is important to us. We do many things to recognize birthdays in class; birthday stickers, cards, and a treat from the "birthday box".

      Calendar: Hardin County Schools 2013-2014 Calendar

      Clothing: We will be painting, coloring, glueing, playing, and experimenting. Please send children in  appropriate clothing for these activities. Children also go outside for recess  every day, so they need to wear comfortable  clothing and sneakers for playing.. It is very important that they dress for the weather. Please include a change of clothes in their backpack.

      • Newsletter

        For the Week of March 3-7 :

        Well, snow or no snow?  That is the question.  Hopefully we will not have any bad weather, but if we do, here is the preschool inclement weather policy for Hardin County Schools:
        One hour delay—The morning class would begin at 8:15 a.m., rather than 7:15 a.m.  This affects only the beginning time of the morning class.  The afternoon class times are not affected. 
        Two hour delay—There is no morning preschool on a two hour delay.  The starting and ending times for afternoon preschool remain the same.  However, if our preschool bus driver has a high school route in the mornings, he/she may be a bit late in picking up the afternoon preschoolers.  (The high schools will open at approximately 10:30 a.m., rather than 8:30 a.m.)  He/She will not begin afternoon pick-ups until he/she drops off the high school students.  We will notify you if this is the case.

        Please be sure we always have a working phone number for your child!

        ***  This week our unit of study will be "From Seed to Plant" and we will look at the life cycle of a plant and what plants need to grow and thrive.  This week will be Ms. Carla's last full week with us (we are very sad!) and she developed this unit for us for her lead teacher week.  She has many fun and interesting activities planned for the children and here is a peek at our small groups for this week:

        Small Group #1:  Seed Sorting - After discussion and demonstration, children will sort a variety of seeds.  They will be given a square of contact paper and asked to sort the seeds into at least two piles and stick the seeds onto the contact paper.  We will then ask them questions such as, "How did you sort your seeds? How are they the same? How are they different?"

        I can sort seeds by size, shape, and color.
        I can name similarities and differences of the seeds.

        Small Group #2: 
        Rhyming Flowers - Children will be given a paint stick with a flower attached to the top with a picture in the center of the flower.  Children will then be asked to find three other pictures from a variety of pictures on their table that rhyme with the picture on their flower and place them on the "stem" of their flower. We will then ask the children questions such as "How do you know those rhyme? What are some other words that rhyme with...?"

        I can recognize rhyming words.
        I can produce a pair of rhyming words.
        I can differentiate between words that rhyme and those that don't rhyme.

        Small Group #3:  Handwriting without Tears fine motor/literacy
        The children will use the big curves, little curves, big lines, and little lines that we have used in our previous HandWriting Without Tears lessons to make different flowers and plants. The children will use combine these to make the different parts of a plant, as well as different shapes. If time allows, once the children make the flower/plant with the curves and lines, they will then use crayons and paper to make their flower/plant. Three year olds will make a flower based on a visual model and four year olds will be given verbal prompts as needed to help them construct their flower/plant.
        The objective statements are:

        I can tell which ones are the big and little curves and the big and little lines.

        I can use the curves and lines to make a plant or flower.

        I can tell what parts of the flower (or plant) I have made.

        Small Group #4: 
        Creating an Edible Flower - For this activity children will create a plant including roots, stem, leaves, and flower using strawberry slices, a slice of banana, celery, mandarine oranges, and pretzels.  Children will follow a recipe and count the correct number of each item to create their flower and then they will enjoy it for a healthy snack!

        I can count the correct number of items to make my flower.
        I can follow a basic recipe.
        I can create a flower using fruits and vegetables.

        Some important upcoming dates:
        Monday March 3 - Pajama Day (or sweats day) for students and staff!! :)
        Monday March 3 - Friday March 7 - Ms. Shannon is in Belize for a mission trip (but she will return on Monday March 10 to share pictures and stories with us from her trip!)
        Wednesday March 5 - Class picture Day
        Sunday March 9 - Daylight Savings Time begins (move your clocks ahead one hour)
        Thursday March 13 - "Science Night" at Heartland Elementary from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. (Preschool will be participating in this event - so come on out for some Science Fun!!)
        Friday March 14 - March Parent Meeting "Growing Vegetable Soup" from 10:00 -  11:30
        Monday March 17 - St. Patrick's Day ~ Wear Green!!  We will eat yummy green treats on this day, too:)
        Monday March 31 - Friday April 4 - SPRING BREAK

        Please do not forget to have a clean change of clothes in your child's backpack at all times in case of accidents:)

        As I stated earlier, this will be Ms. Carla's last full week with us and we will miss her dearly!!  We, as well as your children, have all grown so close to Ms. Carla and she has enriched our classroom with wonderful ideas and experiences.  I know that she will make an awesome teacher and she will touch and enrich many young lives:)

        Thank you for all of your support that you show us and your children!  If there is ever any concerns or questions you have, please do not hesitate to call me or email me.  I want your child's preschool experience to be as successful as possible, and in order for that to happen we need to work as a team to help your child reach his/her fullest potential!
        Have a wonderful week ahead!!​

        Also, thank you to all of you who have checked out the Science Kit and conducted at home science experiments!!  The children have thoroughly enjoyed presenting their experiments to the class and sharing with us the results!  If you would like to check out the Science Kit for your child to bring it home, please contact me either by phone, a note from home in your child's backpack, or by email.

        ****Don't forget to check out our classroom Moodle Page!!  Go to HCS website, click on "Schools", then click on Heartland Elem, then scroll down to Preschool and click on Monica Bybee.

        Brayden S. ~ March 23!!

      • Goals and Objectives for Preschool

        The physical component of the Hardin County Schools' Preschool Program will:

        • provide daily opportunities to use large muscles in running, jumping, balancing, etc.;
        • provide daily opportunities to use small muscles in activities such as pegboards, puzzles, painting, cutting, etc.;
        • offer breakfast and/or lunch to each child daily;
        • provide developmental screening. 

        The social component of the preschool program will:

        • develop consideration for other people and respect for materials and equipment;
        • develop the skill of solving interpersonal problems effectively through talking, negotiating, and helping; and
        • develop a capacity for relating in a positive way to adults other than the parents.

        The emotional component of the preschool program will:

        • develop self-concept or build self-esteem;
        • develop self-confidence and the willingness to try new skills;
        • develop independence and responsibility;
        • develop self-control through positive guidance techniques;
        • develop the ability to handle problems constructively; and
        • develop a positive attitude toward school.

        The intellectual component of the preschool program will:

        • develop curiosity, self-expression and creativity;
        • increase the attention span;
        • expand early concepts, pre-reading and pre-math skills;
        • improve language development and all communication skills;
        • develop literacy through meaningful experiences such as listening to stories, taking field trips, dictating stories, seeing classroom charts and other print in use, participating in dramatic play, talking informally with others and experimenting with writing by drawing, copying and inventing their own spelling; and
        • promote aesthetic appreciation and expression through art, music, books and nature.



        • Daily Schedule

          AM Schedule

          PM Schedule


          Arrival- Make lunch choices & Morning   Meeting


          Arrival- Make lunch choices & Morning   Meeting






          Breakfast in Cafeteria








          Clean Up Time




          Story Time


          Clean Up Time


          Small Group


          Story Time


          Gross Motor Time (Outside weather permitting)

          1:00 – 1:15

          Small Group




          Gross Motor


          Restrooms/Prepare for Lunch


          Restroom & Snack




          Calendar Time





          • Handwriting

            Handwriting Without Tears

            Pre-Printing Skills

            How to Form Lower and Uppercase Letters


            Lowercase Letters


            Uppercase Letters


            ABC Letter Formation Poem


            A - Pull down twice from the point to the top. Add a seat to view the apple crop.
            a - First make a round apple to eat, then a slide for an ant when he's finished his treat!
            B - Big old B has a tall straight back and two big bellies 'cause he just ate a snack!
            b - Draw a straight back just like me. Don't forget to add a belly for b.
            Cc - Cars can cruise down curvy c. Stop near the ground- that's it you see!
            D - Down to the ground, then take a break. Half a circle is what you'll make.
            d - First you make a dime to spend. Go way up high then down to the end.
            E - Pull straight down for capital E. Then add some shelves 1, 2, 3.
            e - A little line start off e. Add a plate for an egg- here's breakfast for me!
            F - Big F is a tall flower for you. E has three lines, F has two.
            f - This flower grows tall and hangs a little. Add a line right in the middle.
            G - Big round circle but don't go too far. Add a garage to park your car!
            g - A garden starts with a little seed. The roots grow down that's all you need!
            H- Make two lines, high to low. Connect the lines so they can say hello!
            h - First start high then take a jump. Little h has a little hump.
            I - Big I starts with one side of a door. All it needs is a roof and a floor.
            i - Little i goes down, it's an ice cream treat. Add a sprinkle on top and it's ready to eat.
            J - Jumping jack J jumps up and down and then curls up. Jack needs a hat 'cause he likes to dress up!
            j - Little j is so thin and lean. Jump way down, then add a jellybean!
            Kk - K and k have three lines as you can see: a tall straight back and a sideways v.
            L - Pull down a line and add a lap. Lie down, lazy! It's time for a nap!
            l - Little l looks like a number one. Just draw a line and you are done!
            M - Go down, hit the ground, then draw a V. Down to the ground again big M is two mountains for me.
            m - Go down, hit the ground then get ready for bumps. Little m is easy to write, just add two humps.
            N - Stick a nail in the ground and slant another one right. Add a third pointing up and say “nighty-night”!
            n - Go down, hit the ground and your almost done. Little m has two humps, n has only one!
            Oo - Oh yum! An orange to eat! Nice and round, it's a healthy treat.
            P - Pull down your pencil, then pick it up off the ground. Add a half a penny, nice and round.
            p - Pop on down and then up, you see. Finish it off with a little pea!
            Q - Big Q is a round quarter to spend. Add a line when you're at the end.
            q - A fancy queen with a little pearl. Give q's hair a special curl.
            R - First draw a line and then a rainbow. Add a ramp and you're ready to go!
            r - Go straight down, then race on back. r has an arm, like a little rack.
            Ss - Silly S and s, those slippery snakes. Twisty, turny, ready to shake!
            T - Big T is a big tall tree. Add a fort at the top so you can see.
             t - Little t is a little tree. Add a fort in the middle for you and me!
            U - Big U is just like a cup. Start by going down and then curve up.
             u - Curve down and up, then down once more. Little u is a cup that's ready to pour.
            V v - Slant down first then up like so. This upside-down volcano is ready to blow!
            W w - W and w have two pointy waves. Swim in the water if you're brave!
            X x - A criss and a cross and in case you forgot, where is the treasure? X marks the spot!
            Y - Capital Y has a V in the air. The pole at the bottom holds it there.
             y - Slant down right, down to the ground. Slant down left and take it underground.
            Z z - Zigzag Z and z are easy, you see. Just zig a zag - 1, 2, 3! 

            • Birthday Graph

                       Class Birthday Graph    


              (AM & PM)

                  1     2     3  4     5   6  
                  January Ivan 1/6 Hannah 1/14 Gabe 1/18            
                  February B.J.  2/25              
                  March Semaj 3/11 Brayden S. 3/23              
                  April Weston 4/7 Promise 4/11 Joshua 4/26            
                  May Shelby 5/5

              Tanner   5/7

              Tyler 5/10

              Archer 5/14 Ariana 5/21 Domanic 5/21

              Sam 5/24

              Tristan 5/28
                  June Jadalyn 6/8 Cheyenne 6/14 Logan 6/18 Gael 6/26          






               Tyler D.


                  September Andrew 8/10                
                  November Bladedyn 11/10 KeiShawn 11/17

              Jenna 11/3






              Sophia 12/20 Brayden C. 12/24 Bryce 12/24          
              • Preschool Wish List

                Preschool Wish List

                Glue Sticks 

                Large and Small Ziploc Bags

                Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls 

                Yogurt Cups for  Crafts and Sorting 

                An Assortment of Foam Shapes 


                Thank You!!