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  • About Mrs. Burgess

    I am very excited to be your child’s Kindergarten teacher here at Heartland Elementary! This is my 16th year of teaching. I have taught preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten. I enjoy teaching students at this age and hope to instill a lifelong love of learning and reading in them. We learn so much in Kindergarten and also have A LOT of fun at the same time.

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Longwood University and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from WKU. I have lived in Kentucky for 11 years and my husband retired from 20 years in the Army and is now a government worker at Ft. Knox. So, I think we are here to stay. I have 2 daughters. My oldest just recently got married and moved to South Carolina. She teaches high school Spanish and my youngest is a freshman at UK. I have a golden retriever named Jessie as well.

    In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, traveling, playing pool, and spending time with family and friends.

    • About Mrs. Sisk

      Hello my name is Barbara Sisk.   I was born and raised in Jasper, Indiana.  I met and married my husband Fred there.  We have 3 wonderful children- Jordain, Karisa and Landen.  We moved to Elizabethtown in 1998.  We moved here after living in High Point, North Carolina for a couple of years.  We moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky to be closer to our families in Indiana.  I have volunteered in the Hardin Co. school district for 10 years before I started to work at Heartland Elementary.

       My family enjoys swimming, playing sports and hanging out in our back yard.  I enjoy home improvement projects and mowing the yard for relaxation.  I hope to go back to North Carolina to a small beach home when I retire.

      • Kindergarten Handbook

        Heartland Elementary School

        Kindergarten Handbook


        Dear Parents,

        We want to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to our class.  We begin each new school year with excitement and enthusiasm, and we look forward to getting to know you and your child!

        The beginning of a school year is an exciting time in the lives of children, especially kindergarten students.  We have prepared this booklet of information to answer many questions you may have concerning procedures in our room and in our school.  Please keep this booklet and refer to it when appropriate.  Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. 

        We look forward to establishing the best possible learning environment for your child.  With teamwork and cooperation among parents, teachers, and students, we will all have a TERRIFIC year!!

        Most Sincerely,

        Heartland Elementary’s Kindergarten Staff



        First Day

        Every one has a “First Day”

        When they feel sad and all alone.

        It can be so scary

        When you’re out on your own.

        Take my hankie, dry your tears.

        You’ll find lots of things to do

        And you’ll probably make new friends.

        I promise we’ll be together

        When the school day ends.

        Here comes the teacher,

        Blow your nose and be brave.

        Come on now, wipe your eyes,

        This is no way to behave.

        “Well, good morning teacher.

        We really must beg your pardon.

        No, MOMMY doesn’t always act this way.

        But it’s my first day of KINDGERGARTEN!!!!!”

        Please label jackets, book bag, and towel with your child’s name. Your child will also need a regular size book bag he/she can open independently—NO Wheels—for daily school use.



        Periodically, your child will bring money to school for lunch, milk, field trips, book club orders, etc.  When sending money to school, be sure to use an envelope or Ziploc bag CLEARY MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME, WHAT THE MONEY IS FOR, AND THE AMOUNT ENCLOSED.  Please send exact change when sending cash. 


        Please follow money procedures outlined previously.  Menus are sent home once a month.  Please help your child select his/her choice before coming to school each day.  If your child brings his/her lunch from home, please label the box or bag.  Milk may be purchased or you may send a non-carbonated, low-sugar beverage from home.


         Please remember to NOTIFY US IN WRITING if there are changes in the way your child will be going home from school.  Without written instruction from you, we will send your child home or to your original designated place in the usual manner--we cannot accept verbal changes from your child or a sibling.  PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL TRANSPORTATION CHANGES!!!!  I cannot guarantee that I will have an opportunity to check my email prior to dismissal.  Additionally, substitutes do not have access to my email account.  If a last minute transportation change arises, please call the front office and they will advise you as to what to do.

         ***We have found that it makes everything go smoother if your child uses the same transportation on the first day of school as s/he will be using the rest of the year.  We highly recommend allowing your child to ride the bus to and from school.  Not only do the kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE riding the “big kids’ bus,” you will avoid the hassle of our dreaded morning traffic and your child will ALWAYS arrive on time!  If you want to walk your child to the room on the first day, we understand.  However, we feel it is best for everyone if you allow your child to walk independently after the first week of school.  Independence is an important skill learned in Kindergarten.


        We enjoy having our parents come to school to help us learn!  However, for the safety of your child and all the other children in our school, Hardin County requires all adults that will be in the schools with direct contact to our children to have a criminal background check.  This is provided for you when you fill out a Parent Volunteer Form.  We send this home on the first day of school with every child.  This will have to be performed yearly--if you filled out the form last year for this same purpose, you will have to do it again this year.  After your background check is completed, please contact me if you are interested in helping out, and I will give you more information.  Your help is GREATLY appreciated!

         FIELD TRIPS

        Throughout the year, we will schedule trips into the community to enhance our curriculum.  Permission slips and cost information will be sent home prior to each trip.  Transportation to and from all trips will be provided by Hardin County school buses. 

        You will have the opportunity to volunteer to be a chaperone for a field trip.  However, to do so, you must have completed a criminal background check as described in the VOLUNTEER section of our handbook.  Due to space requirements, the number of chaperones will be limited for each trip.  When the field trip permission slip is distributed, if you are interested in chaperoning, please let me know as soon as possible.  Chaperones will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  If we have more volunteers than spaces, we will take out names of parents who have already chaperoned a trip and then draw names.  Please understand that we will make every attempt to give each parent the opportunity to go on at least one trip.

        Chaperones will be responsible for 3-5 children while we are away from school.  Since you will need to devote all of you attention to our students, siblings are not permitted to accompany you.  You will be required to ride the bus to and from the site with our class.  Additionally, since not all parents can go on every trip, please do not purchase souvenirs, extra activities, food, etc. for your child or any other child in your group.  Everything you need will be provided.  Thank you for your cooperation.


        We know how special birthdays are for you and your child.  We will recognize birthdays at school in an appropriate manner.  Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to send in a special “healthy” snack for the class on your child’s birthday.  Because of federal health guidelines, please check with us first to find out requirements of what a “healthy” snack is.  Grapes, apple slices, or pretzels make wonderful treats.


        Kindergartners are involved in activities that require jumping, running, climbing and the like.  Tennis shoes with laces or Velcro closures are required for PE days.  In class, students will be cooking, painting, using markers, using glue, working with play dough, and other “messy” stuff.  Please select clothing that is both comfortable and appropriate for these activities.

         REST TIME

        Kindergartners are busy people during the school day!  We use our brains and bodies to learn and play.  As a result, we need time to rest and re-energize.  Your child will have a short 30-35 minute rest period each day.  Please provide an appropriate towel to serve as her/his rest area—specifics are listed in the materials section.  Please do not send in pillows or stuffed friends for your child to sleep with.  These items are among the worst carriers of lice and other critters and NOBODY wants that!  Your child is not required to sleep—as if we could “make” them—but must relax on his/her towel quietly and not disturb the other sleeping children.  The lights are turned off and soft music fills the room so you might be surprised to find out you have a sleeper!


        As children enter Kindergarten, they are eager and ready to learn.  Kindergarten homework lays the foundation for good work habits in later years.  Furthermore, homework helps establish the home–school connection and involves parents as partners in their child’s daily learning experiences.

        Beginning in September, your child will receive a weekly homework packet.  It will include basic skills practice sheets, sight word practice, and a reading log.  Every night throughout the week, your child will be expected to read a book to you or have a book read to him/her.  Also, a family project will be sent home monthly.

        Occasionally, additional homework may be sent home to complete.  It will be placed in your child’s folder and should be completed and returned by the determined date.



        Every day, your child will take home a daily folder.  Inside you will find any important notices, a daily behavior log, and other important information.  Please review your child’s folder each day.

         If you need to contact me, you have three options:

        1. Notes: Please place any notes in your child’s folder.  This is the easiest way!
        2. Email:  I will check my email daily, but please do not email me if you need an IMMEDIATE response as I often check my mail in the morning and       may not get your message until the next school day.
        3. Phone:  Please leave a message with the ladies in the office and I will return your call as soon as I can.


        As you know, good behavior and learning go hand in hand.  Simple class rules have been established to ensure your child experiences a positive and safe learning environment.


        We raise our hands to speak.

        We sit quietly at our seats.

        We use voices soft and sweet.

        We keep our places tidy and neat.

        We are helpful, friendly, and fair.

        We take turns and willingly share.

        Even at the young age of 5, children need to learn the importance of accepting responsibility for their actions.  In our classroom, we keep track of our behavior with cards.  Every child has a pocket with his/her number on it.  At the beginning of each day, every child’s card starts out on green.  Our goal is to keep all the cards on green during the day.

         If a child has difficulty following a rule or directions, s/he is first given a verbal reminder about the correct behavior. If it continues, they will receive another reminder.

         After 2 reminders, the child must change his/her card to yellow and sit in a stop and think area. The same procedure is used if a student is having difficulty following a yellow card and then they will move to a red card.

         Continued difficulty will be referred to the office, and parents will be called.

         Please refer to the student handbook as well for the school behavior plan.


        Each day you will receive a report about your child’s behavior.  Please reinforce and praise positive behaviors and discuss difficulties with your child.  A behavior log will be stamped with the color card your child ended the day with.  Please initial the daily behavior log and return it to school in the daily folder.

         OPEN HOUSE

        About once every nine weeks, we have a special program/open house.  This is a chance for you to come in, see what your child has been up to, and ask me any questions that have come up.  Flyers will be sent home announcing these events.

        Please review the Heartland Elementary Handbook and Hardin County Code of Conduct book for a detailed description of school policies and disciplinary procedures.


         Encourage your child to discuss school activities with you.  Instead of “what did you learn today?”, try “what was your favorite thing you did at school today?”.  Talk positively about school.  The way your child perceives your feelings about his/her school and teachers will have a direct effect on how s/he feels about them.  We are delighted to have your child in our class and we look forward to working with you to make sure your child starts school on a positive note.  We GREATLY appreciate your support and anticipate a fun and successful school year!


        • Kindergarten Word List

          the     at      I      a   to    in    is    you    it    and

          this    have    not   he    she   was   for    with   can   we

          on    what   an    are   of   that   be   had  by   me

          but    all    were    as   they    when    your    said   or   there

          do    if    go    no    has    him    her   my   so   did

          • List A

            the of

            and a

            to in

            is you

            that it

            he was

            for on

            are at

            be this

            have from

            or one

            had by

            me but

            not what

            all were

            there use

            each an

            which she

            do how

            their if

            will up

            other out

            about her

            some make

            would like

            him into

            time has

            look two

            write more

            go see

            my than

            first water

            been call

            who red


            now find

            long down

            day did

            as with

            we his

            they I

            when your

            can said

            many then

            them these

            so number

            people no

            could way

            get come

            may made


            • List B

              over new

              sound take

              only little

              work know

              place live

              years me

              back give

              most name

              good am

              man think

              say great

              where help


              much too

              before line

              right boy

              follow want

              came show

              also around

              form three

              small see

              see put

              end does


              such don't

              turned here

              why asked

              went men

              read need

              land home


              change us

              move off

              going air

              play away

              animals I'm

              house page

              mother day



              found our

              very after

              things just

              means old

              any same

              tell well

              large must

              big even

              try kind

              hand still


              again world

              learn should


              • List C







                stay tree

                trouble sun





                sky next

                night red

                stand woke

                took yard

                yes your





                whole near

                ready really



                started top

                stop story

                story stuff

                sure used

                wasn’t third


                sleep nice


                rest without

                told upon


                tried you


                ten watch

                while win

                rain real



                start state

                stood store

                street under

                talk walk


                those throw

                high four

                friend lives

                room run

                mad scared


                paper sick

                miss past


                possible life

                hit hope

                ride lot

                love sat





                short side



                hill list

                lived often



                main sea

                own might

                part money



                myself light

                free front

                river round

                lunch order

                outside seen

                park ship

                shot pick

                simple form



                hour lost

                lots once



                set shall

                mom moon

                shown since

                size full

                early easy

                either goes

                every fact

                group keep

                kids hard

                having hear

                heart left

                during I’d

                game girl



                family jump

                favorite feet

                few lady

                last fish

                fix fun

                hurt eat

                else ever

                got green

                fast half

                happy knew

                finally fire

                heavy less

                funny earth







                kept killed

                field head

                heard leave

                let however

                gave idea



                grade fare

                father feel

                fell fight

                fine later

                five food

                wish cat



                clean best




                dad died


                bus baby

                draw care

                above add

                city almost


                black both



                bring ate




                able bed







                books dark

                broke ask

                buy bad

                car carry

                catch class


                close better

                always box

                boat cut


                build dog







                along cold



                boot deep



                doing ball