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  • General

    Welcome to Ms. Barker’s

    4th Grade Class



    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Hello, my name is Hannah Barker and I am very excited to teach your child in 4th grade this year!  This is my first year at Heartland Elementary. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Western Kentucky University. I’m an Army brat, having spent my childhood in Kansas, Virginia, and Kentucky. I was born on Ft. Knox, and returned to Hardin County later in life where I graduated from John Hardin High School. I enjoy playing guitar, reading, knitting, fishing, and spending time with my friends and family. Teaching is not only my career, but I believe it is my calling in life! I have always known that I was meant to teach! I am really looking forward to meeting and getting to know you and your child this year.


    Below, I am going to share information about various procedures in our class and some of the expectations I have for your child.  We are fortunate to have adopted grade wide and school wide expectations and procedures that will make following them much easier for our students.

  • Homework


    Students will be required to complete homework throughout the school year.  Homework should be expected each night Monday-Thursday and an occasional Friday if needed to fit our schedule. It is very important that your child always turn in his/her homework and class work on time.  Homework is an important part of the learning process and is assigned as a review or extension to class work.  To promote independent reading, students should read and study fast facts every night.  There will be approximately 20 minutes of math homework and 5-10 minutes of literacy homework. Unfinished class work will also be expected to be completed at home and is considered homework.  Each student will keep their homework in a black homework folder I have provided for them and will turn their homework in on the following school day. 


    At home projects will be required throughout the school year.  Your child will be given ample time to complete these projects.  It is important that projects are completed on time.


    This year, our school is implementing a class work/homework policy called SECOND CHANCE.  Here is how SECOND CHANCE works:


    Day 1 – The homework assignment/s that was due does not get completed and returned to the teacher.  The teacher fills out a SECOND CHANCE form with the missing assignment and submits it to either Mrs. Campbell or Mrs. Goodman.  That same day the SECOND CHANCE form goes home with the child giving them a SECOND opportunity to complete the assignment/s they did not turn in. A parent signs off of the form to verify the student completed the work.


    Day 2 – The completed assignment along with the form is returned to Mrs. Campbell or Mrs. Goodman FIRST.  If the work is completed the student is praised for getting their work completed and encouraged to be responsible and complete their work on time. Mrs. Campbell or Mrs. Goodman will hand deliver the assignment to the teacher.  No detention assigned.


    If the work is not completed and returned, the student will remain after school that day to complete the work they didn’t turn in. Second chance detention will be held from 2:30 PM -3:15 PM Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. A parent or other approved adult will need to arrive promptly at 3:15 PM to pick up the student. The student will have detention unless someone from our office calls you cancelling the detention.


    It is our goal that after the first SECOND CHANCE students will realize the importance of completing their work in a timely manner. However, in the event not completing assignments and homework gets more frequent the following will take place:


    Within a nine weeks-


    After two SECOND CHANCE detentions - a parent conference will be set up with the student, parent, administrator and the teacher.


    Third SECOND CHANCE detention – student will be assigned to ½ day in school detention to complete their work.


    Fourth SECOND CHANCE detention – parent conference with an administrator, the student, parent and teacher and whole day in school detention to complete their work.

    • Math


      There will probably be math assignments EVERY day because we will be constantly learning new concepts and mastering others.  Please do not hesitate to call/text or email if you or your child does not seem to understand the assignment or instructions.  We will start with mastering their Multiplication Tables 1-12’s.  Please work with your child on studying their multiplication tables on a daily basis.  There will be quizzes on a weekly basis to allow students to know how far they have progressed. Our first multiplication test will be tested on 1’s and 2’s.  Your child will test the next level of facts when he/she has scored a 100% on a timed multiplication test.  This process will continue until he/she has mastered all 1-12’s multiplication facts.  Then, division facts will be tested the same. 

      • Planners

        I have a section on my dry erase board at the front of the room that is solely dedicated to assignments and learning targets for the entire day.  Your child is expected to write all assignments down regardless of whether or not they have completed those assignments.  Your child will also be required to have his/her Assignment Planner signed by a parent on a daily basis.  Additionally, every day I will record a number on your child’s agenda. This number will range from 2-20. This numbers represents how many bulldog bucks your child has left so far in the week. Each child starts out with 20 bulldog bucks each week, and can move down do to various behavior issues. If the number is less than 20, I will record a brief explanation of why they lost bulldog bucks in their agenda. This behavior system will be explained in the attached 4th grade expectations policy.  For this reason, it is very important that you see and sign your child’s agenda daily. Agendas can be purchased at school.

        • Discipline/Behavior Plan

          The 4th Grade Expectation Policy is to promote positive behavior and apply consequences when expectations are not followed.  See the  4th grade policy plan for a DETAILED explanation of the system used in the classroom (sent home 1st day of school).  This discipline plan is subject to change as need be.  More information can be found in the school handbook that will be sent home on the first day of school regarding our school-wide discipline policies and expectations.

          • Bulldog Folders

            Each Monday, a “Heartland Bulldog Folder” will be sent home with your child (the folder is provided by the school).  In this folder you will find graded work, in-class activities that have been completed, school correspondence, Scholastic Book Orders, etc.  Posted on the inside of the folder, you will find a sheet of paper that requires your signature and date for each week the folder is sent home.  This lets me know that you viewed your child’s papers and work.  If the folder is returned the following day and is signed, he/she will earn Bulldog Dollars. 

            • Email

              This is another line of communication I like to keep open for you!  If you have an email address or your email address changes, please send in a note with your child informing me of the information. I will send weekly email updates of what is happening in our classroom to keep you informed.  

              • Cell Phone

                Because of the technology centered world that we live in, I know that sometimes it may be easier to text message me questions that your child may have on homework. I do not want any of my students to be confused about instructions on homework or to not feel confident in their answers. For this reason only, I have provided you with my cell phone number at the bottom of this page. You may also contact me via cell phone if there is an immediate concern about your child.  Please keep in mind that some questions or concerns are better left to email (which I also check frequently).

                (270) 401-6113

                • Volunteers

                  If you would like to volunteer your time in our classroom or lend a hand in our building, please be sure to complete the volunteer background check.  This needs to be completed and returned if you would like to participate in our classroom, attend field trips, and/or volunteer throughout the school.  Please email or send in a note of the day(s) and time(s) that you would be available to assist us in the learning process.  

                  • Special Area Classes

                    In the 4th grade, your child will have the following teachers:

                    Mrs. Inman:  Art

                    Mrs. Biddle:  Music

                    Mr. Corbin:  Physical Education

                    Ms. Riggs:  Library and other Related Arts Skills

                    Mrs. Heath: Drama

                    Heartland Bulldogs Are:

                    • Respectful
                    • Responsible
                    • Ready to do their best!
                    • Breakfast and Lunch

                      Your child will receive a FREE breakfast every morning and will eat it in the classroom.  Please take advantage of this great program.  Also, please be sure to keep your child’s lunch account up-to-date.  Student lunches are $2.20 and adult lunches are $3.10.