Topic outline

  • Welcome to My Class

    Welcome to Mrs. Ortiz's class.  This is my 28th year of teaching and my experience encludes kindergarten through third grade.  I have my BS degrees in Elementary education and have a second degree in Broadcast and Communications.  I also have my Masters and Rank 1 degrees in Elementary Education. 

    I am married and have 2 children who attend the University of Kentucky.  My father was in the Air Force so I have lived in several different states.

    I love working with and for children.  My philosophy is that all children will be successful and feel a sense of accomplishment.  My goal is for my students to be independent thinkers, and mostly I want them to have fun so that they develop a genuine love for learning.

    I love the phrase, "We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams."

  • Daily Schedule

    7:10-7:40- Arrival, breakfast, agenda writing.

    7:40-8:00 - Attendance-Pledge-Announcements

    8:00-9:20 - Flexible Reading Groups/Literacy Groups

    9:20-10:05 - Related Arts

    10:05-10:45- Writing

    10:50-11:15 - Lunch

    11:15-11:40 - Enrichment

    11:40-12:40 - Math

    12:40-1:00 - Wellness

    1:00-1:45 - Whole Group Reading

    1:45-2:10 - Science/Social Studies

    2:10-2:20 - Reflect/pack

    2:20 - Dismissal