Weekly outline

  • East Hardin Middle School Yearbook Staff

    East Hardin Middle School Yearbook Staff 

    I am the Yearbook sponsor, Ms. Brooke Whitlow.  I have been teaching in Hardin County Schools for 7 years, at East Hardin for 4 years and been working as the Yearbook Sponsor here for three.  

    I will use this Moodle page to post our schedules and updates. 



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    • 7 September - 13 September

      P2:  EHMS Collage (Claire)

      P3: EHMS Collage (Claire)

      P4: Staff (Amelia, Amanda)

      P5:  Staff (Amelia, Amanda)

      P6:  Staff (Amanda, Amelia)

      P7:  Staff (Amanda, Amelia)

      P8:  8th Grade FAVORITES  (Jennifer, McKenna, Lauren)

      P9:  8th Grade FAVORITES(Jennifer, McKenna, Lauren)

      P10:  8th Grade

      P11:  8th Grade

      P12:  8th

      P13:  8th

      P14:  8th

      P15:  8th

      P16:  8th

      P17: 8th

      P18:  8th

      P19: 8th

      P20: 7th Grade 

      P21:  7th Grade

      P22:  7th Grade

      P23: 7th Grade

      P24:  7th Grade

      P25:  7th Grade

      P26:  7th Grade

      P27:  7th Grade

      P28:  7th Grade FAVORITES (Tatum, Sydni, Hannah)

      P29:  7th Grade FAVORITES(Tatum, Sydni, Hannah)

      P30:  6th Grade

      P31:  6th Grade

      P32:  6th Grade

      P33: 6th

      P34:  6th

      P35:  6th

      P36: 6th

      P37:  6th

      P38: 6th (Ragean, Hailey, Jenna) 6th FAVORITES

      P39: 6th  (Ragean, Hailey, Jenna)6th FAVORITES

      P40:  REBEL PRIDE (Kaitlin)

      P41:  REBEL PRIDE (Kaitlin)

      P42:  Football (Mackenzie)

      P43:  Football(Mackenzie)

      P44:  Football(Mackenzie)

      P45:  Football(Mackenzie)

      P46:  Football(Mackenzie)

      P47:  Football(Mackenzie)

      P48:  Girls BBALL (Peyton, Amanda)

      P49:  Girls BBALL (Peyton, Amanda)

      P50:  Girls BBALL(Peyton, Amanda)

      P51:  Girls BBALL(Peyton, Amanda)

      P52:  Boys BBALL (Claire)

      P53:  Boys BBALL(Claire)

      P54:Boys BALL (Claire)

      P55:  Boys BBALL (Claire)

      P56:  Boys BBALL Homecoming (Claire)

      P57: Boys BBALL Homecoming (Claire)

      P58:  Volleyball (Raegan, Peyton)

      P59:  Volleyball (Raegan, Peyton)

      P60:  Cheer (Kaitlin, Hailey)

      P61:  Cheer(Kaitlin, Hailey)

      P62:  CHHS East Hardin Players

      P63:  CHHS Players

      P64:  Band Collage (Virgil)

      P65:  Band Collage (Virgil)

      P66:  8th Grade Band (Virgil)

      P67:  Band (Virgil)

      P68:  7th Band (Virgil)

      P69:  6th Band (Virgil)

      P70:  Extra Curricular Collage (Kaitlin)

      P71:  Yearbook (Alli)

      P72:  BETA

      P73:  4-H (Savannah)

      P74:  Art Club (Dawniella)

      P75:  FCA (Olivia, Dawniella)

      P76: ALL Horticulture

      P77:  Lego(Jenna), Rebel Report (Jazlyn)

      P78:  STLP & Game Club (Elizabeth & Lauren)

      P79:  Stringed Instrument and Y Club

      P80:  Pinterest (Clarissa) & Craft Club