Topic outline

  • introduction

    This is a page to share info about our classmate Evan; he has been very sick this year battling bone cancer.

    • Evan

      Evan is to sick to come to school so we have been communicating with him using Skype. Evan can Skype into class and join in disscussions and projects. Mrs.Dennis has been going to Evan's house to teach what we have been doing in class. He comes to school as often as he can but sometimes he is to sick to come.

      Some people including me shaved there head to support Evan during his chemo therapy.  The picture below shows the pre-school students showing Evan love.

    • Evans favorite games

      Evan plays games his favorites are Minecraft (Minecraft is a fun game if you like building), football, and Call of Duty.

       Evan played quarter back on the Crimsons team for two years before he became sick.


      • Walkathon

        Last year we did a walkathon for Evan the walkathon was to show our support for Evan and raise money for his treatment.

        Above are the students from Creekside Elememtry spelling Evans name to show how much we miss him.

        • Evan

          He is almost done with chemotherapy and it has helped his cancer. They took out the part of the bone that had the cancer in it and replaced with a bar until the bone grows back. Even though he has been so sick he is still the same Evan. he is still active, and funny and enjoys life.