Topic outline

  • Introduction

    This is a page to share info about 4-H. We have a president,vice president,secretary, and a reporter.They are all nice.

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    • Our class President Blaine

      Our president Blaine is funny, smart, and, he all ways helps our vice president sharing information of activities that need to be planned. He is nervous talking in front of a lot of people, but he still does a good job at our meetings.

    • Our class vice president

      Tayleigh is our vice president she does a good job at her duty she is a good listener and she is not afraid to talk in front of the class.

      • Our Secretary Josie

        Our Secretary Josie is very smart, funny, nice, and, cool. Her job is to see if everyone is at the meetings,  she also takes notes during meetings and explains what we learned in that meeting

        • Our reporter Susie!!!

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          Our reporter Susie is awesome,charming.funny,smart,pretty,and cool. Her job is to take pictures in the meetings and post it in the newsletter,newspaper,and yearbook.Also to show in her well took pictures the things we did in the recent meeting

          • 4-H Pledge

            This is the  4-H pledge we do this every 4-H meeting.I pledge My HEAD to clear thinking My HEART to greater loyalty, My HANDS to larger service, and My HEALTH  to better living, For My Club, My Community, My Country, and My World.