Topic outline

  • Introduction

    This page is being created to share information about our Salamander Howard. Mrs.Dennis found Howard in her basement when it got flooded  so she brought him in for us to learn about him, and I was not a lizard lover but he's grown on me.He might actually be a a female we don't know how to tell. Howard 's spots look like someone painted them on, and he is pretty cute! Sometimes you can't see Howard because he is buried in the  Eco - earth soil.

  • Howard's Diet

    Well, he has a very unique diet,  he likes crickets and roly polys he only eats like two or three crickets each day he is not a big fan of worms his favorite is crickets. Mrs.Dennis got Eco-earth soil from pet supply and Howard hides in it a lot ! Mrs.Dennis tells us to save fruit for the crickets because Howard likes to kill them ewwww! And the crickets eat dog food that what makes Howard's tank smell really bad!

  • Howard Research

    Okay you might know that Howard is a spotted salamander,and it looks like his spots are painted on.Howard needs quite some mucus on his body,because he can stop breathing if he does not have enough mucus on him.You usually see spotted salamanders in dirt covered areas with a bunch of water.That is how Mrs.Dennis found Howard in her basement.Howard needs to have a place where he can cool off because he is a cold blooded animal.Cold blooded animals have there body temperature level with their surroundings.

  • Howard's free time

    As you know I was not a lizard lover myself but to me Howard is so cute!   In his free time he likes to hide in the soil and kill the crickets.Mrs.Dennis really needs to change his tank a lot to make sure his tank does not stink, water is a huge thing for Howard so water is a thing you NEED to put in your salamander's tank.Howard is usually the center of attention in our classroom even though he hides in the dirt. 

  • Howard's habitat

    Howard's habitat is a rain forest or somewhere it rains  a lot because he needs a ton of water.Howard needs moist soil to hide in because his skin is delicate.Howard has a bunch of predators so hiding in the dirt is a natural adaption like rabbits freeze when an eagle is near.

  • Howard's love life

    We do not know Howard's gender but to figure that out Howard needs to flirt meaning boy salamanders rub there chins and move there tails maybe for like an hour to impress the women but women won't just accept that another boy salamander has to come along and they have to fight.Then who ever wins gets the girl so that is a way that we can determine Howard's gender.

  • To be sure

    Salamanders tend to look like snakes when they are very young so if you see what looks like a salmander don't touch it, grab a stick or an object that can protect you if it really is a snake.And other times baby salamanders tend to look like geckos but geckos won't hurt you but just be careful or you could end up in the emergency room!

  • Howard's fans

    I can tell that everybody loves Howard but when Mrs.Dennis got him girls in our classroom was not a lizard lover like me but in my opinion Howard is sweet and loving.And is the best salamander alive.Hope you have enjoyed this article about Howard the Salamander!