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    Just a few things about me - this is my seventeeth year of teaching. All but two of those years have been in the fourth grade.  I am a graduate of Western Kentucky University. I also completed a planned fifth year program from there. In May of 2010, I completed a Rank 1 as a Reading/Writing Specialist from the University of the Cumberlands.

    I am married to Mike Hillard and we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary in June. We are proud parents of Andrew and Brent. Andrew is a graduate of Southern Theoligical Seminary and serves as the Minister of Youth, Discipleship, and Missions at First Baptist Church of Sonora.  Brent is married and is a student at the University of Kentucky Medical School.  Brent's wife, Holly, is employed by Fayette County Schools as an English teacher.

    If at any time, you have questions, please feel free to email me - simply click on the link below.

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