Topic outline

  • General

    This is information that you will be able to use to setup your Moodle page. You will log on to your page using the same login on your computer each day.

  • Topic 1

    Click on the settings tab on the left hand column. Next you will click on the administration button and then on courses.

    Click on "add/edit course" If this does not show up, you are not a course creator. Contact your library media specialist to have this corrected.

    • Topic 2

      Click on your schools name and then click add anew course.

      You will now be under the General Information settings. This is where you will begin to create your web-page. You will need to give your page a name. Using your name would be a good idea. you also must give your page an abbreviation for your use only.

      • Topic 3

        In the text box you may put a description of your pageor any information you feel is important.

        Under the format, change the drop down box to either a weekly format, or topics. Then select the number of weeks/topics you would like to use. This will give you the number of boxes to use to place information.  Select a date that you would like for your first entry.

        • Topic 4

          Under the show grade-book to students select no. You are now ready to select a theme for your page. There are 20 that you are able to choose from. You will be able to find the themes under force themes.

        • Topic 5

          Under guest access select allow guests without key. This will make the page public to parents and students without having to log in. Now scroll down and click save changes.

          • Topic 6


            On the top right of the page, click the button that says “turn editing on”

            The little symbols next to each box are explained below:

            The face: This is used for online courses, ignore it for now

            The eyeball: You click this to “close” this box.  It won’t be seen. This allows you to place information that will be needed at a later date or for personal use. It can be opened again at any time.

            The X: to delete the box altogether

            The down arrow, to move the box down one spot

            Cross arrows to drag box up or down.

            The right arrow: To put the box on the other side of the page.

            • Topic 7

              For a web page or for assignments: delete the following boxes from your page (click the X ) if you think you will not need them later:or click on the eyeball to close temporarily


              Search Forums


              Latest News

              Recent Activity

              • Topic 8

                On the bottom right  Click on the box next to “blocks” and choose “calendar”.  This will place a calendar on your web page.

                Now you are setup and  formatted to create your page.

                • Topic 9

                  In the first box look for this picture Click on the icon and it will open a text box. This is where you can write an introduction about yourself or your classroom. You can also insert a picture, graphics, clip-art, and animated clip-art.

                  • Topic 10

                    If you are using weeks under each date you will be able to click and edit your assignments for each week.

                    • Topic 11

                      Over on the right of each of these boxes you will see the following buttons.

                      The little white box: You can click on the box to only show the week you want students and parents to see. The other weeks can be activated this same way.

                      The light bulb: You  might not use this, but it turned on it will highlight the box you are using it on.

                      Eyeball: will allow you to open or close the information. This is a great way to have information done ahead of time and then open it up when needed.

                      Down arrowL will move the infromation block down one place.

                      Cross arrows will allow you to drag a box up or down.

                      • Topic 12

                        To link to a file etc:  use the drop-down box which says “add a resource” and choose “link to a file or website”; this is just like a hyperlink.

                        Add an activity drop down box gives you a selection of topics to choose from if you want

                        • Topic 13

                          At any time, you can change the drop down box at the top to “switch role” to “student”.  This will show you what people will see when they come to your page.  Just remember to go back to normal role and turn editing back on before you can make any more changes.

                          • Topic 14

                            To add events to your calendar:   Under  “upcoming events” click on “new event”.  You will be offered a choice between user event or course event, it does not matter for a web page so just click “OK.” Then put in the information about your event and click “save”.  Your event will show up under “upcoming events” and a dark block will be placed on your calendar.


                            • Topic 15

                              Please visit mine and Paula's Moodle page at any time.