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  • Solving a Basic One-Step Equation



    Let's take a basic equation like

    m + 14 = 92

    This is called a "one-step equation" because there is only One Step that needs to be done in order to solve it.

    Here, we need to pause for a second to discuss "Inverse Operations" and how they will help us here.

    In our example, we are working with addition. So we need to think about what would be the opposite of that operation; what would "undo" it. We know that addition and subtraction "undo" one another. So, since we are adding 14 to begin with, we need to subtract 14 in order to solve.

    When solving an equation, think of a balance. 


    In order for our equation to stay "balanced," we have to perform the same operation on BOTH sides of the equation. Whatever we do to one side, we have to do to the other. In our example, we need to subtract 14, and we need to do that to BOTH sides in order for the equation to stay balanced.

    m + 14 = 92       original equation

        - 14  - 14       subtract 14 on both sides

    m         = 78       a +14 and a -14 will combine to zero

    78 + 14 = 92      our solution checks out!  


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